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Volume: 18 Issue: 2
Year: 2023

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Megaron: 16 (2)
Volume: 16  Issue: 2 - 2021
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1.Megaron 2021-2 Full Issue

Pages I - IV

2.Evolution of Office Space in Cinema and Television
Nihan Muş Özmen, Burak Asiliskender
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.70431  Pages 169 - 182

3.Reviewing Flexibility in Housing with Free Sorting Method
Melisa Diker, M. Tolga Akbulut
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.34976  Pages 183 - 196

4.A Performance Evaluation Tool for Inclusiveness in University Campus Outdoor Spaces
İlkay Dinç Uyaroğlu
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.35336  Pages 197 - 211

5.A Research On the Relationship Between Problem-Solving Appraisal, Attention, and Visuospatial Skills of First-Year Architecture Students
Aktan Acar, Şebnem A. Soysal Acar, Elif Ünver
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.98623  Pages 212 - 222

6.The Place of Earthquake in Architectural Education and the Educational Dimension of the Earthquake: An Evaluation of the Global Agenda and Turkey Context
Ayla Ayyıldız Potur, Haşim Metin
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2020.94210  Pages 223 - 254

7.Non-Price Criteria in Public Tenders for Restoration and A Comparison with Neues Museum Case
Erkan Kambek, Gülsün Tanyeli
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.68094  Pages 255 - 270

8.A Restitution Study for the Plans of a Group of Traditional Erzurum Houses in İbrahim Paşa District
Emriye Kazaz
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.85520  Pages 271 - 285

9.Wind Flow Analysis on Simple Plan-Shaped Buildings
Tuğba İnan Günaydın
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.99975  Pages 286 - 305

10.A Study on Sound Level Calibration for Listening Tests Performed with Headphones in Architectural Acoustics
Ezgi Türk Gürkan, Zerhan Yüksel Can
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.56244  Pages 306 - 314

11.Analyzing the Causes and Effects of Rural Landscape Changes: The Case of the Ordu Province of Eastern Black Sea Basin (Turkey)
Berna Dikçınar Sel
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.44520  Pages 315 - 324

12.The Impact of Place Attachment of Historical Neighborhood Residents On the Tourism Support
Aslı Altanlar
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.90236  Pages 325 - 335

13.Examination of Sustainability in Airport Terminal Buildings within the Framework of LEED Certificate
Figen Çelik, Ş. Tülin Görgülü
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.62447  Pages 336 - 349

14.Manufacturing Techniques, Deterioration, and Restoration Problems of Traditional Gypsum Windows
Drahşan Uğuryol, Mehmet Uğuryol
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.87360  Pages 350 - 365

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