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Volume: 19 Issue: 1
Year: 2024

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Megaron: 16 (3)
Volume: 16  Issue: 3 - 2021
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1.Megaron 2021-3 Full Issue

Pages I - IV

2.A Model Proposal for the Flood Risk Analysis of the Architectural Heritage: Edirne Bayezid II Complex Flood Risk Analysis
Banu Gökmen Erdoğan, Zeynep Gül Ünal
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.88785  Pages 367 - 384

3.An Example for Primary Schools in the Early Republican Era: Bursa İstiklal Primary School
Aybike Sayın, Burcu Selcen Coşkun
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.93206  Pages 385 - 401

4.The Original Synthesis of New Construction Technologies in the Beginnings of 20th Century: Architect Kemaleddin’s Vakif Han I and Hennebique System
Ömer Dabanlı
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.66742  Pages 402 - 417

5.The Notion of Type as “Conventionalization” in Sedad Hakkı Eldem’s Architecture
Bilgen Dündar
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.78055  Pages 418 - 429

6.Façade Characteristics of Apartment Buildings Constructed Between 1965-1973 at Bağdat Avenue and its Surroundings
Hale Gönül
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.74384  Pages 430 - 453

7.The Façade Language in the Apartment Designs of Melih Koray, a Productive Figure of 1960-1980 Period
Efsun Ekenyazıcı Güney, Hande Tulum Okur
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.03264  Pages 454 - 467

8.Interpretation of Quality Parameters in Interior Design Special and An Evaluation Over Barcelona Design Museum
Merve Karaoğlu Can
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.98624  Pages 468 - 487

9.Change of Common Spaces from Construction to Settlement: A Research on Housing Cooperatives Constructed in Ankara Between 1950-1980
Eda Balaban Varol, Gülçin Cankız Elibol
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.56198  Pages 488 - 507

10.Evaluation of Structural Art in Tall Buildings Using Fuzzy Logic Analytical Hierarchy Process Method
Sultan Şimşek, Ayşin Sev
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.65037  Pages 508 - 522

11.A Decision Support Model Proposal for the Detection and Evaluation of Deterioration in Window Systems
Emine Merve Okumuş, Özlem Eren
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.76402  Pages 523 - 542

12.Neo-liberal Policies in Kayseri After 2000: Transformation of Public Lands Into Large Scale Urban Projects
Zeynep Ergen, Neşe Gurallar
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.02525  Pages 543 - 558

13.Approaches of Landscape Architects to Applications for the Use of Open and Green Spaces in Conditions of Covid-19 Pandemic
Sibel Mansuroğlu, Veysel Dağ, Ayşe Kalayci Önaç, Zerrin Söğüt, Tanay Bi&775;ri&775;şçi&775;
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.90699  Pages 559 - 573

14.The Effect of the Landmark on the Symmetry Axis to the Spatial Legibility of the Visually Impaired
Özlem Belir
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2021.33269  Pages 574 - 582

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