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Volume: 19 Issue: 2
Year: 2024

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Megaron: 14 (3)
Volume: 14  Issue: 3 - 2019
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1.Megaron 2019-3 Full Issue

Pages I - IV

2.Political Murals as Reflection of Cultural and Ideological Identity: The Case of Istanul’s Slum Neighbourhoods
Senem Doyduk
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.54771  Pages 319 - 330

3.Damages on Houses of Yukarıköy Houses at the Ayvacık Earthquake in February 2017
Ali Rıza Parsa, Ali Osman Kuruşcu
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.26213  Pages 331 - 344

4.The Capitalization of the 21st Century Secular Temples and Strategic Sabotage
Burçin Mızrak Bilen
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.21703  Pages 345 - 358

5.A Prospective Approach On Emergency Service Design in Hospitals
Aslan Nayeb Khosroshahı, ERKAN Aydıntan
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.60487  Pages 359 - 372

6.Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Urban Parks in terms of Outdoor Lighting Conditions: Koşuyolu Yaşam Park Example
Esra Küçükkılıç Özcan, Fatma Rengin Ünver, Pınar Aydın
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.38159  Pages 373 - 384

7.The Effect of Reverberation Time and Signal-to-Noise Ratio On Word Recognition Scores By Adults and Children in Classrooms
Konca Saher, Baki Karaböce
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.94809  Pages 385 - 396

8.Interior Design Approach As Part of Passive Fire Safety Measures – Evaluation of the Re-Used Historical Bandabuliya Building Evacuation System
Betül Bilge
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.13008  Pages 397 - 409

9.Objective and Subjective Determination of the Surface Visibility
Şensin Yağmur, Müjgan Şerefhanoğlu Sözen
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.35492  Pages 410 - 416

10.Literature Survey Regarding with the Affects of Metro Lines On House Prices
Kamil Demircan, Senay Oğuztimur
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.04875  Pages 417 - 431

11.Housing Land Supply in Turkey in 2000’s: An Evaluation From the Perspective of New Institutional Economics
Güneş Uyanıker, Elif Alkay
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.27167  Pages 432 - 442

12.Re-Design of Schoolyard for Effective Development of Child From a Universal Design Perspective
Selda Al Şensoy, Reyhan Midilli Sarı
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.72677  Pages 443 - 459

13.The Woody Plants and Landscape Values of the Historical Public Garden of in and the Town of Çanakkale
Tülay Erbeşler Ayaşlıgil
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.47715  Pages 460 - 470

14.Social Justice for Children in Public Space: Investigating Public Open and Green Spaces in Kadıköy and Sultanbeyli Cases
Melih Bozkurt, Duygu Özgür
doi: 10.14744/megaron.2019.26817  Pages 471 - 482

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